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Trekking through the wild wilderness regions of Banff National Park I was mesmerised by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and all its natural wonders that yet remain untouched and unseen. I remember thinking I wish there was some way I could capture this scenery in all its glory and take it back with me…
A passion for landscape photography has taken me to places across the world yet I am never more amazed by the beauty and lure of the Canadian wilderness. From wild forests, rampaging rivers, towering snow-capped peaks, icy deserts, and abundant wildlife Canada has it all! A true haven for all nature lovers!
The need to capture such places and moments of spectacular beauty and encapsulate them in time is not just a hobby but a passion of mine! I wanted my images to come out looking as stunning and beautiful as the moment I had clicked the shutter.
I quickly learned that the best way for me to showcase my Canadian landscape photography was through a process known as metal printing. Metal prints are by far the best way to create stunning long-lasting wall art out of any image, especially, landscapes.
I knew then that the only way my images could truly live up to their fullest potential was if they were infused onto specially coated sheets of aluminium using state-of-the-art printing machinery, techniques, and skills.
I was soon hooked on the metal printing process. The results that it offered were simply stunning and as close to the real thing as you could get!
I quickly realised that many professional photographers and artists alike would benefit from being able to do the same with their favourite photos or artwork and thus Metal Prints Canada was born!
Today, we are a company that has a team of the most highly skilled photographers, artists, and craftsmen that excel at taking your most precious and cherished moments and infusing them in metal prints that offer stunning colour, resolution, sharpness, and clarity.

Why Metal Prints Canada?

We specialise in all types of metal prints and can even create customised sizes based on customer specifications. What many people forget is that not all metal prints are equal. You may find much cheaper metal prints online but those are mere imitations and don’t even come close to the quality of prints we provide.
By using ChromeLuxe metal panels, our proprietary coating technique, and the attention to detail offered by our skilled craftsmen we deliver prints that reveal intricate details that were previously simply unattainable.
Our metal prints are designed to look simply breathtaking in any indoor or outdoor space and even tabletops. If you are seeking the most incredible photo prints to hang in galleries, hotels, homes, offices or even your outdoor patio you simply can’t go wrong with Metal Prints Canada.
All our prints offer HD-quality resolution and colour while still being extremely durable and practical. With amazing rates, plenty of size and customization options, quick delivery, and fantastic customer support we aim to deliver the finest prints possible that give your images the showcase quality they deserve!
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