Why MetalPrints.Ca

Why MetalPrints.Ca?

Perhaps, the biggest reason why you should choose MetalPrints.ca for all your high-quality printing needs is the fact that we source all our metal canvas material from ChromaLuxe.
ChromaLuxe specialises in manufacturing the highest quality aluminium panels in the world that are simply perfect for infusing high-resolution photos onto its metallic surface
Using these premium aluminium sheets and our proprietary sublimation process we are able to deliver the most stunning metal prints that are not only meticulously detailed but also highly durable.
Unlike canvas prints, our metal prints are fade-resistant, water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and even flame-resistant making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
By partnering with ChromaLuxe, which is in our view the best image reproduction company out there, rest assured your images and artwork are in the hands of experts and will be delivered to you with the greatest care and attention.

The Science Behind Our Metal Prints

Printing is an art and as such it requires skill, precision, and intricate knowledge of materials and printing techniques.
At Metal Prints Canada we take great pride in every print that we create. Every image is carefully looked over and accessed to ensure that in print form it looks just as real if not more.
Firstly, we allow our customers to choose whether they want a white or sheer surface. White surfaces allow for the colours present in your image to pop with vibrance and detail. Sheer surfaces, on the other hand, change the appearance of your image giving it a darker more metallic look that is truly unique.
White and sheer surfaces both come with several finish options that add even further customization to prints to help them stand out and pop in any interior or exterior space.
White metal finish options include High Gloss, Mid Gloss, Satin, Performance EXT High Gloss and Textured Metal. Sheer metal finishes include Sheer Gloss, Sheer Satin, and Sheer Performance EXT Gloss.
Our proprietary dye sublimation process allows us to create HD metal prints that offer the highest levels of clarity, color, and detail that surpass all expectations and are superior to anything else offered by the industry today.
The last thing you want is for your prized artwork or a favourite photo to start fading or losing color over time. This can be a problem, especially with canvas prints. However, with our metal prints that simply isn’t the case as all our prints are made to last.
Our metal prints have image stability that is almost five times greater than that of traditional silver-based photo paper. This means that our metal prints can last a lot longer and are considerably more durable than canvas or other photo papers.
Here is why our metal prints are the best in the industry!

HD Color Prints

Using the aluminium panels from ChromaLuxe and our proprietary printing technique we can add greater depth to colors allowing them to expand and absorb further into the metal. This allows the colors to simply pop out grabbing the attention of all those around it.

Cross Linked Coating

Another advantage of using ChromaLuxe panels is the coating that these panels come with. ChromaLuxe uses a proprietary chemical bond that leaves virtually no pores ensuring that no bacteria can grow and that the prints themselves can be cleaned easily.

Long-Lasting Prints

You would expect that anything printed upon a metal surface is likely to fade away quite quickly. However, this is not true with our metal prints. Using advanced printing techniques and ChromaLuxe panels we are able to create prints that are not only durable but also resistant to fading, moisture, scratches, chemicals, and much more.

Practical & Easy To Install

All our metal prints are super easy to hang on any wall whether it be indoors or outdoors. ChromaLuxe aluminium panels are engineered to mount on all wall surfaces without the need for additional framing or strengthening before hanging.

Resistant To Fading & Abrasions

We infuse your image directly onto ChromaLuxe’s coated aluminium sheet which allows for an exceptional depth of color that is highly resistant to fading. The coating also protects the image from scratches and abrasion keeping it looking fresh and new for many years to come.

Flame Resistant

Since we use ChromaLuxe panels all our prints meet ASTM standards for flame spread and smoke development. This makes our metal prints safe for use in all environments.

Other Benefits Offered

Apart from delivering exceptional quality products we also offer a wide variety of photo mounts, customised sizes for large-sized prints, excellent customer service, fast shipping, and competitive pricing options.
As a Canadian small business, our aim has always been to build lasting relationships with all our customers by offering unparalleled service and premium quality products.
Remember, not all metal prints are created equally! There are plenty of cheap imitations out there that may seem more attractive from a price perspective but lack the quality, finish, and durability that our metal prints offer.
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